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"You better study up on these names [of Aliphatic Hydrocarbons] or you’re gonna be in Alkynes of trouble."

— My chemistry teacher

First day of chem labs: uses gloves and goggles to measure distilled water
Last day of chem labs: spills silver nitrate all over hand and wipes it on pants

What are friends for? 


What are friends for? 

SN2 Reaction


Electrophile: I came out to have a good time and I’m honestly feeling so attacked right now

+ Source: [x]

Source: [x]

Physicist: What kind of stuff do you work on?
Mathematician: Knot theory!
Physicist: Me neither!


“No chemicals!” The label on a container reads. I open it and I am stunned. It is truly devoid of chemicals, they have finally done it, finally created a pure vacuum unmarred even when exposed to matter. Quantum physics must be rewritten. Scientists everywhere stand in awe at such a feat.


Don’t hate on Ligase, guys. He’s just trying to make ends meet.